Paris Shopping Tips: 2 Favorite Lingerie Hotspots

The Happy Homemaker at Le Boudoir de Marie Photos by Theadora Brack

La Vie en Rose at Le Boudoir de Marie

By Theadora Brack

Let’s go lingerie shopping in Paris. Affordable and lightweight, they’re my favorite souvenirs. Justifying my love, if buying hundreds of slips is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

But first things first, let’s prepare for our quest. Desire deep discounts? Schedule your jaunt during either the big January or July sale periods. Also, know your European size numbers.

So with a burlesque beat, here are two of my favorite hotspots for lingerie shopping. Va-va-voom!

1. Le Boudoir de Marie
47 rue d’Orsel, 18th arrondissement
(Métro Abbesses or Anvers)

Looking very much like Bettie Mae Page, Marie Cazenave at the Bourdoir de Marie creates handmade lingerie like no other in the city. Located on rue d’Orsel in historic Montmartre, the shop rocks a retro fairy tale vibe. Its kitschy, candied-colored vitrines have never failed to stop me in my tracks.

Maybe it’s because of her close proximity to the textile district, but Marie plays with the full spectrum of fabrics and vintage props in ways you couldn’t imagine. I’ve got my eye on a matching set of unmentionables made of rosy toile de Jouy. Ode, my! Marie-Antoinette would have been very jealous!

The shop also carries handmade corsets, chemises and baby doll sets, along with gowns, bras and slippers. Mad Men fanatics, your hourglass day has not only come but is here to stay. So go full figure!

Kicking it at Galeries Lafayette

2. Galeries Lafayette
40 Boulevard Haussmann, 9th arrondissement
Métro: Saint-Lazare or Havre-Caumartin

Next stop! Let’s shake the stress away with a little high browsing at Galeries Lafayette. Its entire third floor, a.k.a. “Seductive Fashion” is dedicated to hosiery and lingerie, and yes, it’s got the goods to back up its name.

With a mind-boggling collection of classic French brands, you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground without wear’n’tearon your kitten heels or ruby red marabou slippers.

Check out the silky garb by century-old Aubade and Galeries Lafayette’s very own house brand. Here the alluring Erès also tempts. This decades-old Frenchboudoir staple boasts all-natural construction. You won’t find any uncomfortable high wire acts here!

Don’t leave without gazing up at the stained glass “coupole” (domed ceiling). Installed in 1912, this Belle Epoch beauty has never failed to bring me to tears. So pack a hanky!

18 thoughts on “Paris Shopping Tips: 2 Favorite Lingerie Hotspots

    • Thanks, Freddie! Le Bourdoir de Marie is a magical place! Marie is usually there at the shop. She’s super friendly, accessible and open to brainstorming! On rue d’Orsel, you’ll find a row of funky designer boutiques and studios. A vintage clothing shop, too. It’s worth the trek! Theadora


    • Vivian, Oh, yes! And didn’t Brigitte Bardot wear pink gingham to her wedding to Jacques Charrier in 1959? Oh, yes she did.Designed by Jacques Esterel, it’s a sweetie. Have you ever tried the checkered look?! Theadora


  1. Now I really want to go shopping in Paris. Le Boudoir de Marie looks right up my alley! I must go check out the website. Maybe they do international deliveries! ;0


  2. Ooooooh! Thank you – who knew Galeries Lafayette was the place to go? I think my next visit will have undies on the high priority list! If I can just drag myself out of the basement of shoe heaven…! Thanks for this!


    • Hi Shira, Yes! I love the shoe department at Galeries Lafayette! Did you score any shoes?! Theadora (Shoe lovers, it boasts 12,000 shoes, 160 brands, seating and soft LED lighting. You’ll find the stairwell in between the Gucci and Prada showrooms at ground level. On your way down, check out the shoes exhibited in little glass boxes.)


      • It’s a funny (and slightly tragic) shopping story – I was so torn and overwhelmed I decide at 6:50 on my last Saturday that was I actually wanted was a pair of Repetto’s…I dashed out and back to the Repetto store to see it closed!! I left with nothing as I learned the hard way that Parisians close the doors Sunday! Too much 🙂 I’ll make up for it this summer for sure!


    • Thanks, Jody! Abbesses-Montmartre is one of my favorite shopping spots in Paris. Rue de Rennes is another favorite. Both have a great mix of shops! Theadora


  3. Wowie-zowie! Now I know where to get something for my Sweet Valentine next time I’m in Paris! Those teensy little things would look fantastic on her!


  4. Lingerie shopping is essential in Paris. My daughter and I spent hours on the lingerie floor of Galeries Lafayette, of course with a stop over at the Longchamps counter. You need an elegant travel case to stash all that naughty bits of lace. Le Boudoer de Marie looks like a shop you could really have fun in.


    • Hello! Oh. yes. Lingerie shopping in Paris is very important. Essential! I’ve spent days on the third floor, a.k.a. “Seductive Fashion” department. (There’s a free water and coffee on the 1st floor and a soda pop machine on the second floor!) Also, Marie’s Bourdoir sells handmade lingerie bags for storing, washing and traveling.

      Here’s a funny tip for the road! Just down the street from Marie’s shop, you’ll find the bargin bins of Sympa in Montmartre. They often sell Etam lingerie for two euros a pop. Located at the foot of Sacré Coeur, Sympa is also a great people-watching spot. Housed in former brothels and dance halls, Picasso also “shopped” here back in the day. Thanks for dropping by the site! Theadora


  5. oooo I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog – thanks for the tips because lingerie shopping is near the top of my ‘to do’ list for my upcoming Paris trip. Quick question: does the 10% discount tourist discount offered by Galeries Lafayette (on top of the VAT refund) also apply to lingerie? Because if yes, then it would be worth it even though the selection for each brand would be smaller there than at their individual retail boutiques.


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