Paris: Welcome to the Dollhouse (a new window-shopping hotspot)

Boutique Jacques Darcel on rue de Rennes, Paris Photos by Theadora Brack

By Theadora Brack


Got a passion for fashion or a mad penchant for “window licking” (faire du lèche-vitrine)? Pull up a chair.

People, Places and Bling! celebrates window-shopping, vintage dolls and mannequins, along with the foxy art of window dressing—worldwide.

Polly Esther, Team Dolly, Paris

We need you!

Spot a fantastical window or eye-catching mannequin flaunting a groovy vibe and garb?

Snap a few shots, and then email your images to . We’ll feature it as a PPB Haute Shot of the week. Do include your name and city, along with the shop’s name, neighborhood and street address (if possible). If we dig it, we’ll post it.  It’s just that easy, breezy!

Polly Esther

Art Director, Team Dolly / Fast Chat Productions, Paris


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