Paris: Art + Shopping = Bliss at the Centre Pompidou

Shhhh! Mural by Jef Aerosol Photos by Theadora Brack

By Theadora Brack

Button up your overcoat because it’s nippy out there! Today let’s shop and bop around the bustling ‘hood of Châtelet. I’ll also throw a splash of art into the mix. Yes, POP goes the easel.

Water for Elephants at the Pompidou


I recently discovered the fantastical mural while trekking to the Beaubourg (aka, the Centre Pompidou) to buy more skinny reporter notebooks in cherry red. Is it possible to overstock? I don’t think so.

Tucked behind the Stravinsky fountain, “Shhhh” was created by graffiti artist Jef Aerosol back in June 2011. It’s definitely worth a peek.

Measuring in at an impressive 350 square meters, it was created with spray paint, sweat and tears, along with stencils, scaffolding and the mayor’s stamp of approval.

The mural’s message?

“Stop, look and appreciate the city,” according to the artist. It certainly stopped me in my tracks. I even cried. It’s a beauty.

Pipe Dreams


While touring the Pompidou, stop by its Librairie Flammarion Centre. Easy access is just one of the reasons I love the shop. Located on the right hand side of the spacious forum, it’s Bee-line-able.

Wide aisles, lofty ceilings and indirect lighting make for breezy browsing. Here you’ll find books, stationery and films, stacked on enormous tables. Also, the gift shop frequently discounts its inventory of books and catalogs. Cha-ching!

And my coveted skinny reporter notebooks? Donning an array of vibrant, lip-smacking colors, they’re located kitty-corner to the cashier’s desk. Keep this tip under your hat!

Happy High Browsing!

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou, 4th arrondissement
Metro: Rambuteau or Hotel de Ville

9 thoughts on “Paris: Art + Shopping = Bliss at the Centre Pompidou

  1. I love the Pompidou Centre!
    There’s always something new to see there.

    The mural is truly fascinating.
    But I think it will look better right next to a library. 😉

    I’m off to Finland tomorrow. 🙂
    So I see you next week, mon petit chou. 🙂


    • Thanks, Malou! I love taking strolls in Paris. Time flies! (By the way, I’m looking forward to reading about your meringue baking adventure on your site. Oh, la la. Do keep us posted! Marie Antoinette used to make her own. I’ll give it a shot next week.)


    • Merci! What kind words. I’m now blushing here! I’ve been enjoying reading Print and Pattern. Your layouts and themes are consistently exquisite. Easy on the eyes! Looking forward to seeing your shot of Jef’s “Shhhh” mural. It’s truly fantastic! Stopped me in my tracks. Cheers!! Theadora


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