Paris Tips: Make Room for a New Macaron

I think we’re alone now Photos by Theadora Brack

Chocolats and Macarons by  Christophe Roussel

By Theadora Brack

Is it possible to have too many passions? Not according to my grandmother! This week, I am happy to sing out that there is a new macaron in the city, and it’s dipped in silky smooth dark chocolate.

Meet Chocolats and Macarons 

Created by dream team Christophe Roussel and Julie Haumont, the shop’s Calder-like macaron mobiles in the window called out my name. So I popped inside.

The shop’s vitrines and interior are bright and trippy, flaunting a tie-dyed, psychedelic color scheme in purple, pink, orange, and green. Here I definitely felt a mellow yellow-worthy “Groovitational” pull and—in a fit of rave—I purchased one too many macarons to count. Ah, but who’s counting?

Soon I was I feeling the sugar push, and singing Simon and Garfunkel’s “Feeling Groovy,” as I skipped down the cobblestones over to my favorite “I Love You” wall, located in the little park behind the swirly Hector Guimard Art Nouveau entrance to the Metro Abbesses. Yes, I am hooked.

Have a nice day at Sacré Coeur in Montmartre

Another loving spoonful

Rewind! In 2010 Christophe and Julie received Paris’s “Salon du Chocolat Prix Spécial Innovation.” You’ll find their chocolate bar (yes, you heard me right—it’s a bar that serves chocolate) at the Hôtel du Cadran at 10 Champs de Mars in the 7th arrondissement.

Don’t leave without tasting Roussel’s signature (and Man Ray and Lee Miller-inspired) chocolate lips, or his new chocolate-coated lollipop macarons. Oh, sigh.

Street Art with heart

Also, as you make the rounds in Montmartre, look for street art. It’s everywhere!

You can find eye-catching, funky works all over Paris. Most are creatively fun, a few inevitably fall into the category of exquisitely beautiful, but each and every one contributes a little something more to the city’s evolving vistas!

As Elsie de Wolfe would say, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

Carpe diem!

Quill Power

Chocolats and Macarons by Christophe Roussel
5 rue Tardieu, 18th arrondissement
Métro Abbesses or Anvers

23 thoughts on “Paris Tips: Make Room for a New Macaron

  1. I can drool over all these delights for hours 😉

    I had my first taste of macaron in Rouen way back in 2008. Seeing a lot of posts here in WP on macarons, I’m itching to try it 😉


  2. I think those macarons could make anything better! They look delicious! Great post!


  3. That macaroon looks lovely enough to eat–and I don’t even LIKE macaroons! Love the smiley face, too–have you ever noticed the odd little video-game mosaics that appear high on walls and street corners all over Paris? They look a little like the “ghosts” in Pac-Man. What’s up with that?


    • Martino, I love Invader’s art! He’s working on the second volume of his book “L’invasion de Paris.”

      Do you have a favorite Space Invader? I’m quite fond of one on the building next to the Café St. Jean at 23 rue des Abbesses (18th arrondissement). Above the steps! By the way, the café is a great spot to enjoy a glass of wine or beer, while gazing up at the Invader! Theadora


    • Hi B.D.! It is an amazing shop. The Musée Halle Saint Pierre, Sacré Coeur, and the textiles district (with retro fabrics) surrounds the little macaron joint. Win. Grin. Also, there’s a vintage perfume shop next door! Belle de Jour is located at 7 rue Tardieu. It boasts an amazing world-class collection! Theadora


  4. Hi! I walked past the shop t’other day, but was blinded by the colours. And a little sceptical: can they be better than Pierre? (Herme, bien sur!)

    Also, space invaders pop up everywhere once you start looking up at street names. I now have to compulsively yell SPACE INVADER whenever I see them 🙂 And what about the casts of different coloured faces in Montmartre, poking out their tongues, closing their eyes?

    (Paris is pretty great, hey?)


    • Hi Sunflower Child! Yes, everyone has a favorite macaron in the city. Give Christophe Roussel and Julie Haumont a shot. Don’t let the vibrant colors scare you. Contrary to popular belief, often the bold and beautiful ones have more of a natural flavor. (I’ve conducted taste testings with friends and blind folds! Wink.)

      I also fancy Gérard Mulot’s round pretties. Have you tried them? The main bakery and flagship shop are located at 93 Rue Glacière in the 13th arrondissement (Métro Glacière). His other shops are located at 76 rue de Seine, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, 6th arrondissement (Metro: Mabillon) and 6 Rue Du Pas de la Mule, 4th arrondissement (Métro: Bastille or Chemin Vert).

      I agree. Paris is wonderful. (And your sketches, too!)


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